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STTPP, a stock investor, tends to adhere to the buy and hold principle when investing in stocks. This Supervisory Board occurs because usually a stock investor invests his capital for long-term plans. Thus, stock investors tend to be less concerned with the ups and downs of stock prices per day. The time period is uncertain, it all depends on each investor. However, usually an investor's STTPP will sell their shares when their investment objectives have been met.

Meanwhile, a stock trader holds the principle of buy and sell. Traders will buy shares at a certain price, and will sell them in a fairly short period of time as long as the stock value is within the range desired by the trader. Traders usually expect higher returns than through ordinary investments.

Fundamental Analysis vs Technical Analysis Because STTPP, a stock investor, tends to invest for the long term, the analysis used by an investor is a fundamental analysis of the company. Company fundamentals are basic and important information about the company such as the company's financial statements, company performance, the rate of development of its shares within a certain period of time, and others that can be used as a reference in assessing the company's performance in managing its business. Investing in companies with good fundamentals will reduce the risk of loss for investors. Meanwhile, stock traders usually do more technical analysis.

This analysis can help traders see the movement of stocks in the short term. This is because trading is more sensitive to market sentiment and market conditions than company fundamentals. Therefore, the analysis carried out must be more thorough and detailed on all risk factors.

Gaining profit is everyone's desire, any way will be done to achieve profit in life. This can be by doing business such as opening a business, selling other people's belongings, or maybe doing business with forex trading.

Foreign exchange or commonly known as forex is an activity that can bring in money by exchanging currencies. Every day the currency continues to change, so Smart Balbol friends can play forex by buying and selling the currency for your future.

Even though it is very tempting, don't be in a hurry because everything must have knowledge, including it can cause losses. Therefore, there needs to be a careful calculation so as not to experience loss trading.

What is Forex?

For old traders this may be familiar, but for beginners it may still be confusing. Understanding forex is a foreign currency exchange transaction. Forex in Indonesian is known as foreign exchange or foreign exchange. In English, foreign exchange.

Buy and sell activities in foreign currency exchange occur because of a need such as a foreigner visiting Indonesia, he certainly needs Rupiah to carry out various transactions. Therefore, he must exchange his country's money for rupiah. Well, exchanges like this are called forex.

In the current era of globalization, forex transactions are used for profit. This means that traders buy currencies when prices are low and then sell when prices are high. Unfortunately, to make a profit on this trade can be said to be a little difficult. But you don't need to worry, because we will provide tips to avoid losses for market participants.

4 Tips about forex when trading

Before getting into the currency exchange business, you as a trader certainly have to know some successful tips about forex in order to avoid losses and even if understood correctly it will be very profitable.

Define forex trading profit goals

The first thing you need to know about tips about forex is to determine the purpose of trading profits or exchanging foreign currency values. That way, you will know how much profit targets must be achieved. After you know the target, then you shouldn't have to think about a strategy so that the profit target from forex trading can be achieved.

Meanwhile, to measure profits, you can use accurate calculations, in this case there are two ways, namely direct pairs by using USD as a suffix (GBP/USD, EUR/USD, AUD/USD, etc.) and indirect rate pairs. The formula is Profit/loss = (selling price – purchase price) x Contract Size x Lot.

Meanwhile, how to calculate profits using an indirect rate pair with USD as a prefix (USD/JPY, USD/CHF, USD/CAD, etc.). The formula for calculating it is Profit/loss = (selling price – purchase price) / liquidation price X contract size X lots.
Kepala Sekolah Swasta Bingung Dapatkan STTPP bagi calon kepala sekolah atau kepala sekolah yang belum mengantongi STTPP di sekolah negeri.

Daftar Nama Penerima Sertifikat STTPP Diklat Prajabatan K2 GOL III dan Pengambilan Sertifikat (STTPP) Diklat Prajabatan Golongan III Formasi Umum, dan yang ang dapat mengambil Sertifikat/STTPP adalah peserta diklat yang sudah mengumpulkan Laporan.

Contoh Sertifikat Diklat Pemberdayaan Masyarakat atau STTPP. Sementara Kepala Sekolah Swasta Minta Kaji Ulang pada 28 Mar 2018. Selain itu 24 orang CPNS juga menerima Surat Tanda Tamat Pendidikan Prajabatan (STTPP) CPNS Golongan II.

Kepala Satuan Pendidikan Resmi Mendapat Surat Tanda Tamat Pendidikan dan Pelatihan (STTPP) Penguatan Informasi Pengambilan STTPP Diklat Penguatan Kepala Sekolah Kabupaten Sleman.

Pada 13 Jan 2020 Kepala Sekolah Kab​. Sleman Tahap 3 dan 4 Tahun 2019 dn penyerahan 77 SK CPNS dan 201 STTPP untuk Pegawai UGM

Tantangan sebagai Pegawai Negeri Sipil (PNS) dari hari ke hari semakin tinggi. Selain tuntutan efisien dan ia juga lima CPNS Kemenag Lembata Terima Sertifikat STTPP Latsar .

Sebanyak 127 tenaga pendidik menerima Surat Tanda Tamat Pendidikan dan Pelatihan​ dengan Nomor Registrasi STTPP Diklat Prajabatan Honorer K1 Dan K2 pada Rabu, 02 November 2016.

Adapun bukti dari kelulusan tersebut adalah sertifikat tanda tamat pendidikan dan pelatihan (STTPP) sebagaimana yang dikeluarkan oleh Kemendikbud.

Supriano menjelaskan, syarat seseorang untuk menjadi kepala sekolah yakni memiliki STTPP Calon Kepala Sekolah dan bagi Kepala Sekolah yang tidak punya STTPP dan nomor unik kepala sekolah tidak bisa menandatangani ijazah.

Pembuatan STTPP, Sertifikat atau Surat Keterangan harus berdasarkan pada mekanisme penomoran Sertifikasi sehingga dapat menjadi acuan.

Melakukan telaah SOP dan kebijakan pelayanan pemberian nomor registrasi STTPP Diklat Prajabatan pada Sub Bidang.

Belum Miliki STTPP Cakep, Puluhan Kamad Ikut Diklat Penguatan Dan setelah petunjuk teknis terbit, juga harus memiliki Surat Tanda Tamat Pendidikan dan Pelatihan (STTPP).

Surat Keterangan ini diterbitkan oleh Pusdiklat dengan tujuan sebagai STTPP sementara bagi para peserta Diklat Anggota Tim Senior Diklat fungsional/teknis kepustakawanan serta memperoleh Surat Tanda Tamat Pendidikan dan Pelatihan (​STTPP) atau sertifikat.

Program ini harus diikuti oleh para pengawas sekolah yang belum memiliki STTPP dengan mencantumkan Nama Diklat, Tempat dan, Angkatan/, Lama, S T T P P. 59, Penyelengara Diklat, Tahun, Pendidikan, Nomor, Tanggal. 60. 61. 62. 63.

Surat Keputusan tersebut terdiri dari 22 SK pensiun, 80 SK Sertifikat tanda tamat pendidikan dan pelatihan Pengisian STTPP. 2. Pemberian kode registrasi. 3. Penandatanganan. 4. Input data alumni www.​

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