Survey: Effects of Internet Use on Health

The Internet is very familiar with today's society, especially young people, including children. Many of them can not be separated from the Internet even in a day. This is what you need to consider because internet addiction can definitely cause several negative effects, one of which is radiation.

Report from Asiaone, Saturday 24/8/2013, there is an increasing number of young people who are very obsessed with the use of smartphones and computers. According to a recent study by a research group from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare in Singapore, around 520,000 middle and high school students suffer from internet addiction, primarily to online gambling and email.

The survey shows that 9% of high school students and 14% of high school students have access to the Internet for more than five hours every weekday.

What should not be ignored in this study is that a significant percentage of students who are believed to be so obsessed with being “online” cannot resist access to the Internet. They feel annoyed if they have to stop using it.

60% of the young people who participated in the study also suffered from sleep disorders at night, their times of day and night were likely to turn around due to their late night recording on the internet. In some cases, they bypass the school and confine themselves to rooms.

These young people's internet addiction in their childhood harms their minds and bodies. This situation is very serious.

Some internet addicts have nutritional disorders due to irregular eating habits. They also show symptoms of blocked blood vessels and blood clots after hours of having the same sitting position. The more dependent they are on the Internet, the more likely they are to feel depressed.

Medical assistance is needed for people with severe internet addiction. Continuing to spend long hours on the Internet can make addicts more aware of their problem. In some hospitals, clinicians and psychologists advise.

However, only a few medical institutions have departments that are able to provide specialized treatment. It is necessary to feed specialists with sufficient experience to treat Internet addicts and to establish centers to provide counseling services to addicts.

It is undeniable that the Internet is now an indispensable tool in everyday life, such as studying and working. Smartphones are spreading fast. There is a strong possibility that the number of internet addicts will increase.

But if it is used too much, it is certainly not good. Therefore, it is hoped that students will not only be taught how to use electronic devices when they receive computer-assisted lessons in school. They should also be encouraged to be aware of the dangers of excessive internet use.

When buying a smartphone for their children, parents should set rules for how many hours they can use it each day.


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